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Terms & Conditions



This website and all its components are the property of Lagoa Fins. We reserve the rights to all images and content on ​


All logos, service marks and trademarks are the property of Coping and/or recreation of said logos, service marks and Lagoa Fins designs or merchandise is prohibited. ​


We stand behind all of our products knowing they are made with care. However, please note that all products made from composite materials must be treated carefully in order to maintain their performance as long as possible. 
In case it would happen, that one of our product breaks or has any kind of defect, we would kindly ask you to enter in contact with us so that we can look at this case together. We might ask you to return the goods to us so that we can investigate the exact cause. If the damage must have come from the user’s negligence or misuse, then no warranty case will apply. On the other hand, if there is a fabric mistake, we will ensure that you get fairly compensated by replacing you the product. 



All the prices figuring on the website are Net (tax-deducted) for products ordered within Switzerland.

For any orders shipped outside of Switzerland, custom taxes will apply depending on the country to where the products will be delivered to. These costs will occur separately and be sent to you directly by the country tax customs.


Standard delivery is 3 weeks. 


Custom products

Everybody is different. If our standard products aren't matching you, Lagoa Fins may collaborate with you to produce custom products that will meet your exact needs. Please be aware that custom products require more time to be made and therefore cannot be priced the same way as our standard goods. Please contact us and let us find together the most appropriate solution for you.

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