About Lagoa-Fins


Our company comes straight from a family passion for windsurfing; our family started building boards back in the 1970's, when windsurfing was in its infancy. 
Thirty-seven years later, we established Lagoa Fins to build high-tech fins taking advantage of the highly evolved materials and the most sophisticated CAD systems available. 
Besides our own fins, Lagoa-fins.ch also offers many other windsurf brands and comprehensive assistance with your equipment. 


Everybody must be happy! Lagoa-fins.ch aims to fully involve its employees and Team Riders in the development process. 
Continuous input from our riders means continuous evolution of our fins, allowing us to offer the most high-performance and current designs on the market. 
Thanks to this philosophy, and to our constant effort to always do our best in all things, we get feedback from riders all over the world, so we feel like part of a big, world-wide family! 





















Technology and quality

Our products are 100% Swiss-made. By manufacturing locally we can ensure accurate production control through constant testing and reporting of all our projects and products. Additionally, all the materials are of Swiss origin, further ensuring top-quality from start to finish. Every part we make is to the highest standard; no compromise is allowed on any quality issue. 
The goal for all sports disciplines is to push performance to the most extreme levels. This requires the best quality equipment, so we do everything we can to ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards. 

Condition and warranty

We stand by all of our products, because we know they're well made. However, please note that all products made from composite materials must be treated with careful attention by the user in order to maintain their performance as long as possible. 
If one of our products is broken, we ask that it be returned to us so that we can investigate the exact cause. If it is determined that user negligence or misuse is to blame, then no warranty replacement will be made. 
Everybody is different. If our standard products aren't perfect for you, Lagoa Fins can work with you to produce a custom product that will meet your exact needs. Please be aware that custom products require more work to make and therefore can't be priced the same as our standard products. Please contact us and we will be happy to prepare an estimate.

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