Freestyle is the most extreme type of windsurfing, and the FinUP is the most radica high end freestyle fin avaiable on the market, covering all the features needed in this demanding discipline. 
The FinUP promotes quick planing, even in weak wind, and allows higher speeds, while maintaining a controlled stall and minimum lateral resistance during aerial freestyle maneuvers. It is the result of extensive research and CFD simulations. 
Made entirely from high quality G10 material with the most advanced CNC maschines. To guaranty a hight end quality product each fin is hand finisched. The powr box is in a special material who incrase the fittment in your board and reduce aproximatly 25% of the weight from an conventional G10 fin.
100% Swiss-made.


Availible sizes in cm

16 / 17 / 18 / 19 / 20

Box systems


Power Box



(18 cm power box)


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