FSUP 90 

The beginning of a new era in freestyle windsurfing - a board that offers a whole new experience in any type of conditions

It was in 2015 when the vision of a completely new freestyle board with new dimensions came into our mind. The first prototypes were built two years ago and tested and refined ever since. Every millimetre was taken into account and discussed until we finally found the right dimensions to create this magical board.


100% Swiss-made.

Marco Bezler, shaper and creator of the FSUP 90, developed a board that allows freestyle beginners and intermediates to rotate effortlessly into any sliding move.

At the same time, this modern shape allows intermediates and advanced sailors to jump higher and faster. This is especially important for people that are learning to jump power moves which previously seemed impossible in lighter winds. These will now suddenly feel achievable, as this skateboard-like board turns almost by itself into any move.

This hand-shaped custom board is very reactive, has a great pop and offers the stability required to keep control during air time and landings.

The board is built with the highest quality of composite materials avaiable on the maket.
A deck layup of a full carbon kevlar layer, local carbon reinforcements, double sandwich reinforcements and a bottom layup of full carbon-glass guarantees a very high quality and solid construction. Moreover, with only 5.8 kilograms of weight, it is amongst the lightest freestyle boards currently available on the market.







Box System

Powerbox / Multibox (Slot&US-box)


Price: CHF 2'500.-


5.8 kg (without straps and fin)


Hand-shaped custom board

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